During my internship at the Music Technology Group I helped with the development of the repovizz, an online platform for multimodal data storage, annotation and visualization. I think it is a great tool, and I hope to continue being part of it, either as a developer or as a user, over the next years.

My biggest contributions to the platform have been the 3D Motion Capture Data visualizer (built on three.js) and the realtime synchronization engine (built on and Backbone.js), apart from general code cleanup and strategic planning.

Summary of related publications in which I have been involved:

  • IEEE Multimedia, Vol. 24, No. 1, 2017 ieeexplore
  • 1st Web Audio Conference, 2015 poster
  • 21st ACM Multimedia Conference, 2013 paper

I also mantain a youtube playlist with all repovizz-related videos.