Pure Data

Here are some Pure Data libraries I built to make my life easier. I’ve made them open-source; feel free to fork them on GitHub.

3pD [ github ]

3pD is a library for working with 3-dimensional vectors. It implements a lot of common vector operations, some matrix stuff and some complex operations very handy when dealing with gestural controllers, such as extrapolation of planes or lines from a set of points. It also has got some very basic GUI objects to control and visualize what’s going on with the data.

autoSync [ github ]

autoSync is a library that wraps the default Pure Data GUI objects into abstractions that are automatically synchronized over the net to any other object from the library created with the same tag. The communication is controlled by creating stations that establish local or remote links.


A very flexible piano keyboard interface for the MTCF framework. Made in collaboration with Marcel Farrés. Not available yet, because the code needs some cleaning…