From time to time, a small hardware project comes over. I like to prototype with a barebones Arduino soldered on a breadboard. These are some examples:

Satellite Laser Gun

Edgar Berdahl and I gave a workshop at TEI 2013 (the Seventh International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction) about Tangible Embedded Linux on the Raspberry Pi. It was about building a small hack with an RPi, an Arduino and some sensors. As a demo, I made a little machine that triggered laser-like sounds reacting to a range sensor.


Christmas Lights

The Christmas Lights is a dual-channel driver for RGB LED strips that can be preprogrammed with a given sequence of <time,color> pairs. I’ve tested it with a 20 m strip on each channel. It gets hot, but hey, it works!


Remote Recorder

A friend of mine composed a musical work where he would walk around with a microphone and sample sounds to be played live. He wanted a remote that could trigger the recording, stop it, change the recording buffer and volume, and show the active buffer and the input level. So, he contacted me. I designed one that works with Arduino plus some components that allow having a lot of LED’s, and connects to the computer with Bluetooth. It’s not finished yet, but here are some pics of it: